llinois driver's will have points assessed to their driver's license upon conviction of a moving violation. The number of points assigned to a driver's record depends on the type of offense they were convicted of. After accumulation of a certain number of points and convictions, an Illinois driver may have their license suspended or revoked. It is important to note that the number of points assigned to a particular moving violation can depend on the driver's age. Some examples of offenses and their corresponding points are listed below.

Offense Points

Disobeying a traffic signal or light 20

Failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident 10

Improper traffic lane usage 20

Following too closely 25

Illegal transportation of alcohol 25

For those 21 and older who receive three or more traffic violation convictions within 12 months:

Total Points Penalty

15-44 2-month suspension

45-74 6-month suspension

75-89 6-month suspension

90-99 9-month suspension

100-109 12-month suspension

110+ License revocation

Those under 21 who receive two traffic violation convictions within 24 months:

Total Points Penalty

10-34 1-month suspension

35-49 3-month suspension

50-64 6-month suspension

65-79 12-month suspension

80+ Revocation

If your license in suspended or revoked, you must apply for a formal or informal hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State. It is important to not go into a hearing without an attorney. Call or text The Law Office of Cassandra R. Hirth today to schedule a consultation regarding your Illinois driving privileges.